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Romani in Australia - statistici


Historical Background

Romanians did not arrive in Australia in any significant numbers until after the Second World War, when many came under the Displaced Persons program. The 1947 Census recorded only 493 Romania-born people living in Australia, while the Census of 1954 showed an increase to 3314. The size of the Romania-born population was then fairly static until 1976, when the Census counted 4612.

During the next ten years many people emigrated from Romania because of disenchantment with the Ceausescu government and the hardships caused by its policies, including import restrictions meant to address

Romania's serious foreign debt problem. As a consequence, the number of Romania-born people in Australia almost doubled in that decade – from 4612 in 1976 to 8114 in 1986.

Despite the overthrow of Ceausescu in 1989, economic conditions continued to be difficult in Romania, with significant currency devaluation and increasing unemployment. Emigration continued to be the answer for many Romanians and, by the 1991 Census, the number of Romania-born in Australia had grown to 11 330 (12 280 in 1996 and 12 950 in 2001). This relatively rapid increase in numbers made the Romania-born one of the fastest growing European birthplace groups in Australia at that time. In 2001 the Romania-born made up 0.3 per cent of the overseas-born population


Geographic Distribution (vezi pdf)

The latest Census in 2006 recorded 13 880 Romania-born people in Australia, an increase of 7.2 per cent from the 2001 Census. The 2006 distribution by state and territory showed Victoria had the largest number with 5180 followed by New South Wales (4140), Queensland (1940) and Western Australia (1400)


Age and Sex

The median age of the Romania-born in
2006 was 44.7 years compared with 46.8
years for all overseas-born and 37.1 years for the total Australian population.

The age
distribution showed 3.8 per cent were aged
0-14 years, 10.6 per cent were 15-24 years,
36.0 per cent were 25-44 years, 31.3 per
cent were 45-64 years and 18.3 per cent
were 65 and over.
Of the Romania-born in Australia, there
were 6830 males (49.2 per cent) and 7050
females (50.8 per cent). The sex ratio was
96.9 males per 100 females


In the 2006 Census, the top three ancestry
responses* that Romania-born people
reported were, Romanian (9880), Hungarian
(1400) and Not Stated (690).
In the 2006 Census, Australians reported
more than 250 different Ancestries. From the
total ancestry responses*, 0.1 per cent
responded as having a Romanian ancestry.
*At the 2006 Census up to two responses per person
were allowed for the Ancestry question; therefore
providing the total responses and not persons count.

The main languages spoken at home by
Romania-born people in Australia were
Romanian (57.9 per cent), English (18.6 per
cent) and Hungarian (7.0 per cent).
Of the 11 200 Romania-born who spoke a
language other than English at home, 84.8
per cent spoke English very well or well and
14.1 per cent spoke English not well or not at



At the 2006 Census the major religious
affiliations amongst Romania-born were
Eastern Orthodox (5850 persons), Catholic
(2040 persons) and Pentecostal (1000
Of the Romania-born, 5.8 per cent stated 'No
Religion', this was lower than that of the total
Australian population (18.7 per cent). 5.6 per
cent of the Romania-born did not state a

Compared to 67.9 per cent of the total
overseas-born population, 69.8 per cent of
the Romania-born people in Australia arrived
in Australia prior to 1996.
Among the total Romania-born in Australia at
the 2006 Census, 12.1 per cent arrived
between 1996 and 2000 and 14.4 per cent
arrived during 2001 and 2006


At the 2006 Census, the estimated rate of Australian Citizenship for the Romania-born in Australia was 93.2 per cent.
The estimated rate for all overseas-born was 75.6 per cent. This rate includes adjustments for people not meeting the residential requirement for citizenship, temporary entrants to Australia and underenumeration at the Census.

Median Income

At the time of the 2006 Census, the median individual weekly income for the Romania-born in Australia aged 15 years and over was $412, compared with $431 for all overseas-born and $488 for all Australia-born. The total Australian population had a median individual weekly income of $466